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Pooch Hotel

Dog Boarding
Rooms with playtime includedPrice
Standard Suite$67
Deluxe Suite$72
Executive Suite$82
Presidential Suite$97
Palace Suite$137
Mellow Mutt$18
1 additional personal play session
Playful Pooch$28
2 additional personal play sessions
High Octane Hound$38
3 additional personal play sessions
Boarding Add-ons
Stuff Kong or Frozen Treat$6
Cuddle Time$15
Treadmill or Hike$18
10 minutes
Treadmill or Hike$28
20 minutes
Dog Daycare - Group Play
1 Half Day$36
1 Full Day$46
10 Pack$430
20 Pack$760
Monthly Membership$615
Dog Daycare - Personal Play
1 Half Day$46
1 Full Day$56
Dog Training
Please call for availability and pricing.
Dog Grooming
We offer full service grooming and bathing for your pet! Please contact us for more details!