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Pooch Hotel

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Browse Pooch Hotel's catalog of frequently asked questions and learn more about what to expect on your next visit.

What is your minimum age when accepting a dog for boarding or daycare?

As always, our primary concern is the welfare of the dogs in our care.

It is generally recommended that puppies get their first round of “adult” shots at 12 weeks and once this first round is completed we are happy to have them join us at the hotel, but they will be part of our Puppy Personal Play program – three one-on-one play sessions (10 to 15 minutes each) with a human friend and any other family members.

Once they complete their full vaccine requirements (usually after the Rabies vaccine at 16 weeks or whenever required by state law), we are happy to welcome them into group play.

Can my pet catch a disease by being around other pets?

Your pet can be exposed to diseases regardless of where they are, whether at home, at a dog park, taking a walk in your neighborhood, or staying at our hotel. However, the risk of contracting a disease is quite low and virtually eliminated when proper vaccinations are administered (as we require).

In addition, we maintain very high sanitation standards and we do everything we can to prevent transmittable diseases from occurring in our hotels.

My dog drinks non-stop when he gets home from Pooch Hotel. Why does s/he come home so thirsty?

This is not uncommon. What often happens is that dogs spend so much time playing with each other that they sometimes forget to stop and take a drink.

For those parents that have children, it is similar to a child forgetting to eat lunch because they are so busy playing with their friends. Please know that we offer multiple sources of water in each play area and every dog has a bowl of fresh water in their suite at all times.

Can all of my dogs stay together in the same suite?

Yes, we actually encourage dogs from the same home to stay together. We find that dogs from the same home usually do better when they stay with their siblings or buddies.

Do you give discounts for multiple pets?

We offer discounts for each additional dog for both daycare and boarding services.

For those who have a big family, we incorporate discounts into your invoice for a full day of daycare, half-day of daycare, daycare packages, and playmate boarding.

To receive the playmate boarding discounts, your pets must be staying in the same suite.

While my dog is boarding with you, will they be taken out for walks?

Yes, we offer Outdoor Hikes.

Do you have any outdoor areas? Where is my dog going to go to the bathroom when in your care?

For the same reason we can’t offer outdoor walks, we typically don’t have an area open to the outdoors. It is nearly impossible to control and protect an outdoor environment where someone could throw something over the fence that could harm your dog.

As for dogs going to the bathroom, our hotels offer turf boxes where dogs will typically relieve themselves.

My pets like to have toys with them. Can they have their favorite toys while boarding with you?

Absolutely. Your dog can have their favorite toy in his/her suite during their boarding stay. However, we do not allow toys in the play areas where dogs can sometimes become aggressive if they haven’t learned to share.

Pooch Hotel is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

My dog is on a special diet. Can I bring in my own food?

Of course. We actually encourage pet parents to bring their dog’s normal food with them when they come to the hotel.

If you cannot or would rather not supply your own food, or if we run out of your dog’s food while you’re away, we’ll be happy to accommodate your dog by feeding him or her with our house food.

Are you able to administer medication if my dog needs it?

We’re able to provide medication to your pet whenever he needs it.

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to administer injections.

Are your hotels air-conditioned?

Yes, all of our hotels are climate controlled so that they remain comfortable year-round.

My dog lost weight during their boarding visit. Is that normal?

It’s not uncommon for a pet to lose some weight while staying in the hotel. Most of the weight loss is due to the excitement of being with other guests and the exercise they receive while playing in our large play areas.

Dogs in our care get constant activity which doesn’t always happen at home. In short, dogs will typically burn significantly more calories during their boarding visit than they normally do.

Does pooch hotel accept all breeds of dog?

Yes, we love all dogs and do not discriminate based on breed, age, alteration, or size.

If your dog is social, they will get the same amount of time in our playgroups as any other dog regardless of breed. If your dog is not social with other dogs, s/he will get individual playtime with a staff member.

We do not, however, accept dogs that are aggressive with people. We have a very hands-on hotel that requires us to work closely with all of our guests and we cannot do that effectively if your dog is aggressive towards people.

Are the dogs at pooch hotel ever left alone?

All of our hotels are staffed 24 hours each day, 7 days each week so your dog is never truly alone.

However, as you would probably expect, they will be by themselves during the night when they’re sleeping in their suites, unless they have a buddy boarding with them.

Can I bring my dog’s own bed?

We are a full-service hotel and therefore, we do not accept any outside bedding or blankets. With a range of premium bedding available based on suite type, we provide all the comforts your pup should need.

The only items you need to bring are food (ideally in pre-portioned baggies) and non-injection meds in original packaging. Additionally, we provide water and food bowls for all our guests.

Please refrain from bringing belongings from home. Pooch Hotel is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

What times can I drop off and pick up my dog?

Our normal lobby hours are from 7 am to 7 pm, seven days a week.

However, we have staff at the hotel 24 hours each day and you can drop off and pick up your dog at any time. Please note that an additional fee may apply for after-hours check-in or check-out.

I am a package/membership holder, do I receive complimentary early check-in or late check-out hours?

With the launch of our Pet Points Rewards Program, complimentary early check-in and late check-out hours are received based on status.

See our Pet Points Rewards page for more information.

Why don’t you let intact guests enjoy group play?

Dogs who are intact (not spayed/neutered) will be allowed to stay at our hotels (with the exception of females while they are actively in heat). However, they will not be able to participate in group play with other guests if they are over 7 months of age.*

Being intact doesn’t mean that s/he is a “bad dog”, however, science tells us (and actual experience confirms) that intact guests emit different hormones and other dogs’ reactions to this can often alter the group dynamic enough to impact the overall safety of all dogs involved.

Based on recommendations from canine behavior and veterinary experts as well as our own professional experience, it is in the best interest of all hotel guests that we separate our intact and spayed/neutered guests. Many daycare and boarding providers do not accept intact guests at all, so our Personal Play program for intact guests is actually one of the best among our competitors.

The reason we cannot accept female dogs in heat is that they emit a scent that can be smelled from miles away. While our hotels are very spacious, dogs’ noses are so sensitive that they could smell this throughout the location, which could cause increased arousal levels for all of our guests. Therefore, for the safety of all of our guests, we cannot welcome them during this time.

While we cannot accommodate a female while she’s in heat, we, unlike many other places, do welcome intact dogs in general and therefore do have a number of show dogs who stay with us at other times.

If they go into heat while they are boarding and they are unable to get picked up by the pet parent, there is an additional $100/day handling fee for caring for these guests.

*7 months being the age of sexual maturity, as recognized by most veterinarians.

If I am paying for daycare and my pooch isn’t in group play, will s/he be in a suite all day?

The term “daycare” means that we are providing care for your dog for the day. Playtime is included in that cost, but whether that playtime is social with other dogs or one-on-one playtime with a human is up to our professional discretion.

Not all dogs are fit for social play here at Pooch Hotel. That doesn’t mean they are a “bad dog”, but rather that they will do better getting individual attention due to age, health, behavior, personality, etc.

We still love your dog and are happy to continue to care for him/her during daycare by enrolling them in our Personal Play program. S/He will receive the same level of care, just a different schedule, and play program during the day.

What is this personal play program?

For dogs that cannot join in group play, we offer options within our Personal Play program.

S/he will receive a 15-minute personal play session midday with a team member and any other doggie family members. For guests who are in the hotel during our early morning or late evening hours, we will also offer a morning and/or evening potty break.

We also have custom play packages available for you to purchase if you’d like your pooch to get a little additional exercise. These a-la-carte services included in a package must be used in one day. Different packages may be purchased for different days, but services may not be spread out over multiple days. Personal Play sessions can include family members at no extra cost.

Mellow Mutt Package $17: One additional 10-minute playtime per day

Playful Pooch Package $27: Two additional 10-minute play times per day

High-Octane Hound Package $37: Three additional 10-minute play times per day

Do you offer anything special for puppies?

New puppy join your family? How exciting! We know how important proper socialization is for creating a happy and well-adjusted pup.

Click here for more information about our Puppy Program.